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An open letter to my representatives

2014 August 14
by qkslvrwolf

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am highly concerned by the actions of the police in Ferguson over the past few days, starting with the murder of an unarmed man and continuing in massive over-response. I am also highly disturbed at the contrast in response from the Cliven Bundy Ranch in Nevada, where a militarized response was actually in order.

The police of the United States of America are not and should not be a military force. They should be peace keepers, who are armed no more than necessary. Rather than modeling themselves on the US military at war, they should instead model themselves on the Irish Garda (

I would like you ask you, as my representatives in Congress, to open two investigations. First, one into the militarization of the police in the US, starting with the “1033 Program” but expanding into the connections between the military industrial lobby and the forced expenditure and militarization of police. Second, I would like you to ask the Attorney General’s office for a federal investigation into the racial disparity and overtones of the Ferguson and St Lous County police departments.

This sort of injustice affects us all.

Very Respectfully,

Sean Abbott

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2013 October 5
by qkslvrwolf

I have had one of the most physically intensive last 24 hours ever. Weight lifting, then three hours of advanced contra, sleep, up to run a 5k with the best splits I’ve recorded post-OTS, and then an hour and a half of flag football that was pretty intense. Hurts so good. :-)

Somerville Homeless Coalition 5k

2013 October 5
by qkslvrwolf

I just ran a 5k for fun. Isn’t that odd. :-)

I was 10th in Division 3, whatever that means. I got a 7:39 average mile, and 23:43 overall time.

Not to shabby for no training. :-)

The reason we need to re-evaluate what we consider full time employment

2013 September 24
by qkslvrwolf

This is why we need to re-evaluate what we consider full time employement.

You could look at this as an argument for learning computer science, and it’s that as well. But the biggest thing here is we are ALREADY more productive then we are consumptive at 40 hours a week. We don’t need everyone in America to work 40 hours a week to expand our economy. And that means we have high un-employment. And will CONTINUE to have high unemployment.

The best thing we can do RIGHT NOW to fix that is a solution in two parts:

1) Fix labor law by
a) Reducing the number of hours per week to be considered full time
b) Mandating vacation hours be provided for both full and part time employees, and make sure it’s at least a month a year and
c) Tightening restrictions on gaming this system by systemically giving people “just short” of full employment. Make it easy and fun to prosecute offenders.

2) Start working towards convincing people that less then 40 is ok and that being a member of a creative class that doesn’t work much is perfectly fine and noble.

Were we to play this right, we could see an explosion of creativity, science, and innovation such as has never been imagined. So much of our miracles have been created by people rich enough to not have enough to do, but with resources, so they had the time and tools to think and create. With the internet, the internet of things, desktop 3d printing and rapid prototyping, everyone can be a rich creative class. We just have to let them.

And we won’t. Because we’re collectively moronic.

A few notes

2013 September 24
by qkslvrwolf

1) Biking at 0830 is much more exciting then biking at 0930/1000ish. I do not like exciting commutes.

2) Picking a date for a vacation with 6 other people leads to exciting conversations. Doing it with engineers means you end up choosing a mathematical voting model and using it, and that actually ends up choosing a surprising result AND a soothing of ruffled feathers in regards to that result.

3) Biking at 52° was the first time I got cold wearing shorts and sandals on my bike ride.

4) New Zealand in July for a break from summer, Aruba in December for a break from winter. Awww, yeah. Best year ever. :-)